Specializing in the imports of Sicilian olive oil, Espresso and much more

At Sapori di Sicilia Imports we strive to give you the freshest food and coffee from Italy and Sicily giving you the taste and flavors just like the motherland.

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Caffè Brasil espresso, Faber espresso machines for home or business

Caffè Brasil Sicilian Espresso

Giapas Le Conserve Di Montelepre

Giapas Le Conserve Di Montelepre

Our company offers high quality products.  The preserves are produced with genuine... 

  • Caffè Brasil Sicilian Espresso

    Caffè Brasil espresso is hand selected organic coffee beans, roasted by the Salvia family since 1976 in Partinico Sicily giving you the perfect tasting cup of espresso. Bold and intense in flavor.

  • Bacchi Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Our 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a careful selection of olives coming exclusively from the Sicilian territory. They are harvested and pressed within 12 hours using very strict harvesting, storage, and milling methods to preserve their quality. It is a non-filtered product, as it is left to decant for a period inside storage tanks. Through this process, we obtain an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, suitable for all dishes.

  • We take pride in our products

    Sapori di Sicilia Imports brings you authentic Sicilian and Italian products made by professional artisans that have been producing these products for generations.