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Polara Sicilian Chinotto Soda 9.29oz 6 pack

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This Italian Chinotto Soda is made with bitter orange.

Add ice cream for a delicious float, perfect for summer. Pour this sweet and tangy Italian soda over ice, or enjoy it right out of the bottle.

Chinotto is a soft drink made with bitter orange extract and other natural flavors that looks similar to cola but has a more bitter flavor profile and a particularly fresh aftertaste.

Serve at any time of day or during a meal. Also excellent as an aperitif or as a base for cocktails. During the hot summer months, sip on this deliciously refreshing drink. 

Made with real sugar, and natural flavorings, this version of chinotto has a much fresher taste than the canned soft drinks made in the United States.

The perfect drink for picnics or barbecues, pair this soda with your favorite savory meat, seafood, or vegetarian recipes. 

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Carbon dioxide, Natural favorings, Natural Chinotto extract (0,5%), Acidifying: Citric acid, Orthophosphoric acid, Coloring: E150d, Preservatives: Sodium benzoate. 

Size: 9.29 oz each

6 bottles per order

Origin: Product of Sicily Italy